Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) 2030-2045

By CIO Kasezga M. Tembo

In consideration of multiple economic risk factors that face the world in 2019 from rising trade tensions, financial technological innovations, and rising global debt. We here at Zog Capital have formulated a robust equity strategy that will sustain our portfolio of the next 18 months of economic turmoil. Within an equity portfolio, investors may want to consider tilting toward quality or low-volatility stocks, or both. These moves can help investors build resilience, while still targeting the returns they need.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Adoption will reach full maturity when Developed markets have adopted DLT at a rate of 40-50%. Consider as of 2005 51% of the Developed world had internet access. As of now Distributed Ledger Technology has a 5% market penetration among institutions and retail sectors as per Statista Global Consumer Survey. So you may want to take a longer perspective in your investment thesis. The DLT and its underlying digital assets and tokens have been volatile making long term investors and institutions apprehensive when considering investment in the space, though many such as the Yale Endowment have invested $400m into a the sector. This is a promising sign of events to come in the future. As per Data Scientist Benjamin Cowen Bitcoin the largest digital asset by market cap will see price stabilization and reduction in volatility around 2030-2040. This predictive model is based upon the logarithmic charting of Bitcoins All time high (ATH) and projected length between ATH's. The increasing length of ATH's would put bitcoin at $1 million per coin in 2039-2040 this would allow DLT to penetrate every facet of our societal systems

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